Simon Says…

Welcome to the launch of the official Si the Web Guy website. For those of you who know me already through my after-hours web design business Moonlighting Web you know I have been promising to get this site up but have been far too busy working with my clients and investing time in my financial education and personal growth.

So why this website why not just put all the good stuff on Moonlighting Web well this is my personal site where I get to share with you bits of information I charge for sharing through Moonlighting Web and other stuff that’s just not relevant to put on there about online and offline opportunities that you may want to check out to make some extra money. Also I want to share some information about personal development – if you interested in succeeding in your career or making extra money through a business. The first thing you need to is to work on yourself!

And if you think what I share on this site is going to be good – then I can tell you that’s nothing to the exclusive stuff I will be sharing on my email newsletters – so sign-up right now and let me know what you interested in so I can cater better for you needs.

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